Spiritual Spa

A guest shares her thoughts about Spiritual Spa
A Thank you note from Ms. Pittman
Wow…to God be the glory. As I sit here and think about the the glorious time that we had tears are streaming down. The washing of the feet was such an humbling experience. When it came time for prayer, it was as if you guys knew exactly how and what to pray for. Nothing but the Holy Spirit. I was truly blessed beyond measure and haven’t been the since same. Please don’t ever stop allowing God to to use you through this ministry. People’s lives are being transformed. I would like to thank all of you ladies from the bottom of my heart. Keep obeying the voice of God and please Him an Him only. A very special thanks to Jo Jo for opening up her home to us. A special thanks to all the ladies from FCC for opening up your hearts to the ladies from ECOD.