Spiritual Spa September 13, 2014

Dear Barbara,  Thank you so much for the experience today. I am so in love with your ministry. It blows me away how this day played out. From how I heard about you guys (Belinda), requesting to go and then being invited by Kristy after confirming with you to seeing such an important person from my past that I have always wanted to tell how she impacted my life (which I did as soon as we got on the bus) and THEN meeting Chea. It was definitely a “meant to be event.” For me, it was confirming and strangely both Ms. Barnes & Chea represented not only periods of my life but they were also symbolic of my God given mission and God given talents to achieve it. I cannot express how spectacular of day it has been. 

Shannon Green – Founder and Co-Director of Women of Trinity.


March 28, 2012
The Women Empowerment Ministry of Oak Grove Baptist Church thanks you so much for coming and bringing your group to share the Spiritual Spa experience with us. All the ladies have nothing but praises for you. We give God the glory for His presence. For while you pampered their bodies, God filled their minds and hearts with His Holy Spirit.
Therefore, I have to plant a seed in your ministry and pray God will continue to bless you, as you continue to show love through His ministry.  Thanks again. With love, Catherine    

Dear Barbara,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
I love you girl!!

Details of the Recommendation: “Spiritual Spa Ministries came to the ladies of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Virginia. It was a day filled with the Holy Spirit, great ladies, and great fellowship. I am happy to report that the feedback has all been positive. The exciting aspect here is that there have been and still is talk from the church ladies, to have the Spiritual Spa Ministries event back again. The following Sunday’s worship service a lady shared that she had gained new friends. Another stated that she was so happy to have received the love and prayers for her sister and herself. The spa techs and Barb were very gracious, loving, and gentle in the Holy Spirit. At the end of the spa there was definitely a sense of rest, peace and comfort in all. It was definitely a day accepted as having been pampered by ladies of God. The entire spiritual spa experience was a success. I am happy to report that all the ladies of Mt. Vernon encourage all who think of having Spiritual Spa Ministries at their function; To Do So!
Thank you Barb and ladies for your expert professionalism and in-depth knowledge of knowing your product. Spiritual Spa Ministries: you are covered in our prayers.

Tim and Belinda Dickerson
Servants of the Ladies of Mt. Vernon


Dear Barb,

I send this to you but it is meant for all who took part in Saturday’s Spiritual Spa.
I have heard testimonies of the wondrous blessings received by other Spa attendees,
but they gave no indication of the experience I had.  More than a blessing, greater than a ministry,
what you and the TECH’s are providing to the sisters of faith its the healing power of Christ himself.
I am grateful for the invitation, humbled by the attention and changed forever
by the anointing of His love through your actions of love.
        In His love, Donna Clements

Sonya Faith Speed

Spa TECH – Testimony

 I was invited to the Spiritual Spa at a time when I felt broken, confused, alone and without hope.  I did not know the lady who invited me and she didn’t know me.  She was compelled to invite me and I, surprisingly, felt compelled to go.  How grateful I am that we were both led by Him.  God Himself comforted me that day.  He used people I did not know to deliver a message of love, peace, healing ….and hope!  The hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.  God invited me to rest and trust in Him through a divine introduction to the Spiritual Spa.  The lady who invited me is the founder of Spiritual Spa Ministries, Barbara Walls.  I now call this beloved servant of God my friend.  I help as a Spa TECH with hope and assurance that other women will experience rest in God the way I did through this wonderful ministry.


Hi Barbara,

… We are all still talking about our wonderful experience with you all, my only disappointment is that I wish they could have experienced the river journey. God had other plans that day. I am really considering an outreach ministry and the spa keeps coming to me. Please be in prayer with me that God will lead and settle this in my spirit. I will continue to keep you ladies lifted up and please do the same for us. We love you. God Bless.
Women’s Ministry leader in Rocky Mount, NC

********************************************************************************** Hi Barbara,

we really enjoyed the experience, all the ladies are still talking about it.  We can’t wait until we get started ourselves.  We will be meeting to begin our prayer and fasting times to prepare.  We had a good drive home, we arrived in New Jersey about 9:30 all were home by 10 so it was good.  Thanks for the pictures, and we will keep in touch!!
Empowered to SErve

“Born to Serve”
Evang. Karen J. Dunn, MSW, LSW, LCADC 


Dear Barb, I just wanted to say thank you.  Each of you ladies that are involved in the Spiritual Spa are such “blessings.”  I don’t think you realize just how special you are.  I thank you for giving your time to such a wonderful ministry.  love and prayers, Kim


Dear Barb and girls,

This summer the Lord continues
to place before me “Living Water.”…

I am very thirsty and it is a

joy to take in every sip. 

Thank you girls for the

cup you handed me today.


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