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“Behind the Veil”   Go with Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she walks you through the Old Testament Tabernacle in the wilderness.  You will understand the different veils mentioned in the Bible from the one that hid the glory of God on the face of Moses to the one that covers the heart of the unbeliever.  I can envision Mary at home alone in with baby Jesus, removing her veil and dancing with him in her arms.  Did she hold him tightly as she and Joseph went to the Temple for purification?  They were to give a lamb but it was too costly so they gave 2 pigeons as their burnt offering and their sin offering.  Did Mary know then, that she held the Precious Lamb of God in her arms and that one day she would watch as His arms were stretched out for the precious children of God?  He who knew so sin would become their sin offering.  He conquered death and passed through the heavens and now lives preparing a place for those who believe in Him.  Why couldn’t the people understand?  The design of the Tabernacle was the foreshadowing of Jesus – the Christ, the Atonement.  Jesus fulfilled the requirements for worship. Moses had a special relationship with God…..….. and the Almighty wants a special relationship with His people. Mary tells her neighbors about her Son so they will know they too can go behind the Veil.

“Living Love Letters”Women to Women Relationships.  We are post-it-notes to some, greeting cards to others.  In the Bible we are referred to as poems and love letters.   You may not be a love letter to all your friends and that’s okay.  This message helps us to release false expectations we place on others and those they place on us, and propels us into showing love in every encounter we have. 2 Corinthians 3

“Fragrant Lives” Paul reminds us in 2Corinthians 3 that we are to God the aroma of Christ.   What fragrance do you leave behind?   How do we put on the fragrance of the knowledge of God so we will walk in triumphant procession?  Do people want to be around you to “breathe in Jesus?” 

“Can God Use Me? Empowering Women to Reach Other Women For Christ.  God has a ministry for each of us.  It may be to your neighbor, sister or friend.  Or it may be to stand in front of a group and share your life story.  One of the most important ministries is to raise up believing children that will lead our country God’s way.  No matter what He calls you to do, you are important in furthering His kingdom here on earth.   Don’t let your sinful or slothful past or fear of the future cause you to think you are not able to serve God.    After serving Him for several years I began to have panic attacks and was afraid to do anything.  I thought I would be “out of my mind” for the rest of my life.  Not so.  He was pruning me for this ministry to show me He is the vine and I am a branch and I can do nothing without Him.  Believe me, He can do the impossible!

Spiritual Spa”Creating a ministry in your church to hurting and brokenhearted women is not outside of your reach.  If you have a heart for women to meet God in a powerful way, and are ready to be transparent, so that others will see Christ is still in the restoration business, this is a ministry you can start.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring a group of ladies of one accord together for this outreach ministry.  Hear how God used spiritual warfare to birth Spiritual Spa, willing servants to develop Spiritual Spa and godly pastors and elders to launch Spiritual Spa.  This will give you an insight into birthing your own intimate ministry for women of all ages, all races, and all denominations.  In closing a  Power Point presentation of the Spiritual Spa, One Day Event will also be given.  If you decide you want to have a Spiritual Spa ministry in your church we will train you and present the first Spiritual Spa.

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