Inspire NOT Retire

If your hand matches the one in the picture with dark age spots and you wonder if you are still of use in this crazy world, let’s start a conversation.  Moments of floating from being very useful to of no use enter my day without any hesitation.

My grandchildren are now with me everyday of the summer while their parents work.  It has been fun and I usually enjoy their energy to dance about, but this morning I got out of bed a little tired and with a headache.  It could be the hammering outside my window at 6 AM as the men install Tuscan Olive vinyl siding over the aged cedar wood that made the pounding in my head.  It could be that my husband is on a business trip and holding onto the pillow didn’t bring me safety and comfort. It could be the Advil PM that I took to help me sleep that has made me groggy.

What use will I be today? I just want to curl up on the couch and read. Not gonna happen today!  The kids need lunch and the house needs cleaned. My son needs me to run an errand and…I almost forgot…I have 3 bookkeeping clients that want their end of month reports.

When will I have time to inspire anyone today? Moment by moment. Lord, help me to be kind and show your love to the little eyes that are watching me!!

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